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Order Color Samples of Our Pre Cut Mat Board

When you're preparing for a photography or print exhibit, it's important to know what your artwork will look like under the gallery's lights. You can take your work into the exhibit space, or look at the specific lights that will be used, but until your work is matted and framed, you can't get a proper [...]

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Pre Cut Photo Mats for Your Professional Work

Making the transition from an amateur to a professional photographer takes time and dedication. When you decide to stop taking pictures in your spare time and start the journey of launching your own photography business, you take on more roles than just camera operator. You have to market yourself and come up with a viable [...]

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Pick the Right Pre Cut Mat Board for Your Work

When choosing pre cut mat board for your artwork, there are many things to keep in mind. The color and opening size are obvious factors, and probably the first that come to mind when you've finished a new piece. Other factors to consider are thickness and acidity since you want your artwork to look the [...]

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Finish Your Photo Gifts with Our Picture Frame Mats

If your favorite thing to give people is photography or artwork, you want these gifts to look perfect. You might be a amateur photographer that loves surprising your parents or friends with new photos, and it's important to you that they're properly framed and matted. At Matboard Plus, we have picture frame mats that let [...]

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Focus on Your Work and Leave the Mat Cutting to Us

When starting out, artists like to - or have to - cut their own mats for their work. When there are only a few pieces to frame, it makes sense to borrow a mat cutter from someone or take their work to a local frame shop to have mats prepared and cut for them. They [...]

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What Mat Color is Best For Your Walls?

When you're redecorating or rearranging your home, you try to maintain a cohesive design in each room. You pick the color palette, the accessories, and strive for the perfect atmosphere. If you're hanging new photographs or artwork on your walls, you want to make sure that you pick frame and mat colors that don't clash [...]

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Get Ready for Your Next Gallery Show

Being an artist takes more than talent - it takes time and dedication as well. You don't simply "create" something, but instead you have to find your voice as an artist and much like a writer, you have to hone and define that voice until your artwork becomes what you envision it to be. Or, [...]

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Add Depth to Your Work With Pre Cut Photo Mats

One of the first things a person will learn in art class is perspective. In drawing, painting, and even sculpting, finding the right perspective can provide the perfect angle and starting point for the artwork. If the perspective is skewed or doesn't seem natural, viewers may not understand the piece; or, on the other hand, [...]

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Hang the Perfect Portrait With Our Picture Frames and Mats

When you move into a new home or are set to rearrange your current house, the final touches you put on each room are usually the hanging of pictures. You have family photos that show special memories and times gone by and when you look at each photo, you're taken back to that day or [...]

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Order Your Pre Cut Mat Board Now!

At this time of the year, everyone is scrambling around, trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list. At Matboard Plus, we love helping people complete handmade and homemade gifts, such as prints and photographs that they plan to mat and frame for a special someone. Our pre cut mat board is [...]

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