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Display Your Memorabilia With Our Sports Card Photo Mats

You've been collecting sports cards since you were a child. You have every team and every sport, and you've sorted them into categories by years and teams. Instead of letting them spend their life tucked away in a binder or a box, why not display them with sports card photo mats from Matboard Plus? If [...]

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Print Presentation is Easy With Our Mat Boards Show Kits

You've spent your life painting and printmaking. In order to make a living selling your artwork, you've always made smaller edition prints and sold them to the public. If you're planning to attend an exhibition in the near future, make print presentation easy with our mat boards show kits. These show kits come in a variety [...]

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Make Picture Matting Simple

If you're a photographer or painter, sending your artwork away to be matted or framed can be timely and expensive. Make picture matting simple by shopping with Matboard Plus. Matting is an easy way to make your work appear finished and professional. With a few measurements, you can find what size of mat you need. [...]

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Buying Artwork on the Internet? Don't Forget to Get Pre Cut Mats for the Frame

The internet has changed the way that we buy art in the modern age. There are now thousands of online art stores that you can quickly and easily browse to find just the right piece for every wall in your home. Some of them feature up-and-coming artists' work that can increase in value over time, [...]

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We Carry Mat Boards In Colors You'll Love

A lot of place only carry mat boards in colors like white and gray. While these are some of the most popular matting colors, we know that when it comes to your creative projects, you want more options than that. That's why we carry mat boards in a huge variety of colors! No matter what [...]

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Protect Your Artwork and Mat Board In Our Clear Resealable Bags

When you order your mat board from us, don't forget to get our resealable plastic bags! These bags are perfect for protecting newly matted artwork before it is framed. Consider this option when giving matted artwork as a gift or when preparing it for sale. Your art and the mat board will stay safe from [...]

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Which Mat Board Is Right For Your Artwork?

Many budding artists or first time framers aren't sure what mat board is or which type is right for their project. There are so many types of mat board that it can be confusing. But Mat Board Plus makes choosing the right mat board easy thanks to our huge selection of pre-cut mat boards in a [...]

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Capture Your Memories With the Help of Our Pre-Cut Mat Board

We're documenting our lives like never before! We're taking more photos and capturing those memories. But once we post them on the internet, pretty soon we forget about them. And only a few of our photos actually make it on the internet, meaning more of your memories are captured on your phone, tablet, camera, or [...]

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Our Pre Cut Mats Take the Struggle Out of Framing Your Artwork

Cutting your own mat board is a huge hassle that any artist soon grows to hate. Our pre cut mats do all the work for you! You can choose the type of mat you want, selecting from our economy, standard, specialty and conservation mats. Then choose the size of opening you need. We have standard [...]

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The Best Mat Board With Quick Turnaround and The Friendliest Service

We may not be the only place on the web where you can buy mat board, but we are the best one! Take a look at some of the reasons you should be shopping for your pre cut mat board with us: Earn rewards! Sign up for our rewards system on our website and every [...]

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