Wholesale Accounts

Wholesale Accounts

Account registration allows important information to be accessed by you. This includes tracking of orders, order history, order updates, quick reordering, discounts, and ultimately allows for a faster, easier checkout process. An account will be setup automatically after any first time order.


!! Information needed for an 'account' is nothing more than the information needed to process and ship you products.



As a direct to consumer wholesale company, Matboard Plus offers discounts through our everyday quantity discount pricing. Specifics are detailed on each product page. Generally --


    • Discounts start at 6+ pieces
    • Wholesale Pricing start at 25+ pieces

Any "coupon codes" found throughout the internet are not from us and are not valid. Be aware of Spam sites offering ‘coupon codes’ for Matboard Plus (or any other site for that matter). Certainly be careful about clicking on or entering any data into sites you’re not familiar with. These sites are typically only seeking personal information.


MatboardPlus.com is the only official site we operate. Questions, please contact us.


Tax Exemption

If you see tax during the checkout process: (1) you're in a state (listed below) that requires it, or (2) the system doesn't know what state you are in. Proceed through the checkout, and if you're not in one of the states listed, the tax will go away.


!! If you are claiming a tax exempt status from one of the states below, email us a copy of your certificate (not just the number) and we'll get your account set up as non-taxable.


Tax on internet orders vary by state. When individual State laws require Matboard Plus to have exemption certificates on file from customers who claim a tax exemption, we will post those States here. Until a tax exempt certificate is received, Matboard Plus is required by law to charge tax in the states listed below.


[Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin]