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Clear Bags

Crystal Clear Bags® with re-sealable adhesive strip. Our sealable bags have 1.6 mil wall thickness & are acid and lignin free. Contains 10% recycled content. Actual acid free bags are 7/16" wider and 1/4" taller than listed to accommodate unmatted or matted products, including foam backers.

  • For SQUARE mats, order Regular Closure bags. Protective Closure bags will not work.
  • 8x8 mats use 8x10 bags, 10x10 mats use 10x13 bags, 12x12 mats use 12x16 bags, etc

Regular Closure sealable bags have an adhesive strip on the flap.
Protective Closure sealable bags have an adhesive strip on back of the bag.

Select a Closure Type:


                      Regular Closure                                     Protective Closure
                has adhesive strip on flap                       has adhesive strip on bag