Conservation Mats

Conservation Mats

Premium quality, 100% virgin alpha cellulose mats that are acid-free, lignin-free and meets the industry’s highest standards for conservation matting. 4-ply, approx .060" thick. Mats are listed by Outside Dimension (frame size), not photo size. Bulk Discount Pricing Available - click on a product to view discounts.


!! We only source the best quality materials from industry leading paper manufacturers. No cheap generic imports.


RECOMMENDED FOR: Photography, fine art prints, limited editions & valuable documents


  • 100% Conservation Quality Core & Backing
  • Fade and Bleed Resistant
  • Acid-Free & Lignin-Free
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Matboards can be categorized into three basic levels:


Acid-Free (our Standard Mats)

Acid-free quality matboards are buffered with calcium carbonate to make them pH neutral, acid-free. Over time, lignin breaks down and creates new acid. Protective lifespan up to 10 years. Suitable for most everyday matting needs.


Acid-Free & Lignin-Free (our Conservation Mats)

Acid and lignin are removed creating a purified paper and buffered with calcium carbonate to keep them pH neutral and safe for art. Protective lifespan for many decades. Meets all Conservation quality standards set by the Fine Art Trade Guild. Suitable for limited edition prints, valuable documents, art of personal or monetary value.


RagMat Museum ('Archival' - we do not currently carry RagMat Museum mats)

Museum mat boards are made of cotton which is naturally acid-free and lignin-free so it starts and stays pH neutral and safe for art. Meets all standards for Museum quality as set by the Fine Art Trade Guild. Lifetime of protection. Suitable for valuable works of original art, historic documents, artwork/photography that must be preserved at museum grade level.