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Framing a Large Painting or Photograph?

Picking out a large painting or photograph to hang about your fireplace can be quite an extensive decision, and you want to make sure you get it right, since it will be the focal point of your living or family room. Perhaps you painted the piece or snapped the photo yourself, and you want to [...]

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We Offer Fast In-House Production

The world of ecommerce is always expanding, and when a person orders something online, they want their product to arrive as quickly as possible. The convenience of ordering online is reaching more and more people every year, and at Matboard Plus, we want our customers to receive their pre cut mat board as quickly as [...]

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Finish Decorating Your New Office With Pre Cut Photo Mats

Starting your own business is quite an undertaking, and if you've found the perfect storefront or office space, you want to make it look as professional as possible. You take the time to choose the shelves for merchandise, the decor for the space, and the paint color for the walls. If you have an office [...]

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How Should I Attach My Art to My Picture Frame Mats?

You've taken the time to select your picture frame mats or pre cut mat board, but now that you have it, you might be unsure how to safely attach your artwork to the mat without damaging either of them and keep the piece centered in the frame. Some people choose to use standard clear tape, but [...]

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It's important To Handle Pre Cut Mat Board With Care

When you're setting up an art exhibit or sale, you do everything in your power not to damage the work. It might be your work or someone else's, but no matter whose it is, damaged work can decrease in value or ultimately become unsaleable. Damaging your own work can be frustrating, but damaging someone else's [...]

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Make Your Artist's Debut with Pre Cut Photo Mats

When you're trying to establish yourself in the artist's scene in your town or city, it's important to have work that you can present at a local exhibit or sale. It can be difficult to get your work into a professional gallery if your work doesn't convey professionalism from the beginning. We've spoken before about [...]

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Upgrade Your Living Room with New Picture Frame Mats

We spoke last time about decorating your nursery with our pre cut mat board, but if your kids are all grown and out of the house, your focus has most likely shifted to upgrading other rooms in the house. If you're ready to get rid of the old living room furniture that you've had for 15 [...]

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Finish Decorating Your Nursery With Pre Cut Mat Board

Setting up your nursery is a very exciting time, especially if you're welcoming your very first child. You pick out the perfect crib, changing table, and rocking chair. If you've found wall art that you want to hang, but you don't like the frame it came in or the color and opening of the mat, [...]

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Archive Successfully with Our Pre Cut Photo Mats

If you're a gallery director or archivist, one of your jobs is most likely to catalog the artwork that comes through your building. Work that is on loan usually comes to you matted and framed, and all you have to do is hang it for display. You may sell print editions of the paintings on [...]

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We Offer Competitive Pricing on Our Picture Frame Mats

As a consumer, trying to find the best price for something you want to buy is always a smart move. You shop around for cars, televisions, and other appliances before you find the one you want at the price you can afford. At Matboard Plus, we believe in offering outstanding products at competitive prices and [...]

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