Environmental Standards

Crescent Brands, the manufacturer of all listed paper products on our site, is committed to having the highest environmental standards in the industry -- from the Crescent company archives:


All Crescent products are 100% recyclable. We only use a natural, environmentally sound, starch adhesive when laminating our matboards. This adhesive is neutral in pH, water soluble and easily re-palpable at paper mills. All raw components used in constructing our matboards are bio-degradable. Even our screen printed and metallic matboards are designed so that the papers can readily be de-inked and the fibers reused in other paper products.


Our Berkshire eco-core boards [Matboard Plus Standard Mat line] are among the most environmentally friendly boards that we sell. The core material used on these products is comprised of 100% recycled fiber. Additionally, the surface papers used on the majority of our eco-core matboards are produced out of reclaimed fiber, which is fiber originating from any waste source after the papermaking process. Whenever it’s not feasible to use recycled fiber, we make sure we source the materials from responsible mills that harvest trees in an ecologically friendly and sustainable fashion. Therefore, no environmentally sensitive rainforests or old growth forests are logged, and a tree is planted for every tree consumed.


We specify that only environmentally friendly colorants are used when manufacturing our surface papers. These pigments and dyes adhere to all EPA requirements and do not disperse any unsafe pollutants into the ecosystem.


Lastly, we recycle tons of paper and board every year from our facility in Wheeling, Illinois. These materials are re-pulped and the fibers reclaimed for other applications.


With the rapid increase in world population and our growing material demands, we need to economize in the use of raw materials on our planet. We at Crescent are conscious of these decisions and always try to make the ecologically correct choice for protecting and maintaining our environment.