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Pre Cut Mats Made Specifically for IKEA® Photo and Picture Frames

May 27th 2015

Swedish furniture superstore IKEA® attracts thousands of shoppers each year, and people can find virtually anything in their local store, from full bedroom and dining room sets to kitchen accessories and picture frames. You can also buy their products online and have them shipped right to you! At Matboard Plus, we have pre cut photo mats that are specifically made for IKEA® picture frames, so if you get home and want to  frame your vacation photos or create the perfect father's day gift in a particular Ikea oval frame, you won't have to search very long for mats that fit perfectly.

We have mat board for seven distinct  IKEA® frame styles, from Ikea Orkened to Ikea Virserum. You can find pre-cut mats for traditional rectangular frames, as well as Ikea's oval frames or square frame styles. As with any mat at Matboard Plus, you can pick a standard opening size, or add a custom opening size for your mat. You can also choose from our vast inventory of colors, so you won't feel limited when framing your photos, and you can pick a square, rounded, or oval opening with an optional V-groove.

Before your next trip to IKEA®, take some time to visit Matboard Plus and pick out your pre cut photo mats for the picture frames you know you'll be buying. That way, when you get home, you can get started on matting, framing, and displaying your photos. We've taken care of all the outside measurements, so you know that the mats will fit perfectly and will add a sense of professionalism to your pictures.