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The Best Pre Cut Mat Board for Your Prints

Jul 30th 2015

As a printmaker, you spend countless hours in your studio, perfecting your techniques and colors, producing the prints that you want. Whether you're a relief or intaglio printer, you want your finished pieces to be displayed appropriately. Finding the perfect pre cut mat board might seem like a challenge, but Matboard Plus has several options from which you can choose. We have mats that are ideal for exhibition, as well as those that work for archiving and keeping your work in pristine condition  for years to come.

The mat board you choose will serve two primary purposes: 

  1. It will separate the print from the glass of the frame, creating depth and perspective for the viewer. It also keeps the print from sticking to the glass and creating an undesired flattening effect when the piece is viewed.
  2. The width of the mat creates space for the human eye to focus on the artwork, instead of losing part of the print in the edges of the frame. The mat will draw a viewer's eye to the piece, even if they're standing on the other side of the gallery.

It's also important to pick mat board that is acid-free, and we have plenty of those options in our online store, like our high quality conservation mats. We know that you spend many hours perfecting your prints, carving and etching your plates so that the final print comes out exactly how you want. When a new series of prints is complete, you can professionally display them with pre cut mat board from Matboard Plus, bringing your current work to the public eye.