Standard Mats - Blank

Standard Mats - Blank

High quality, acid-free Crescent® brand mat board. 4-ply (approx .050" thick). Suitable for most everyday matting and picture framing needs.

Need Full Size 32x40" Sheets?


!! These mats DO NOT have Opening cutouts. They are blank mats that can be used as backers, art projects, or for cutting your own openings.


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Easily customize a frame for your odd-sized projects with our blank, white core standard mats. These uncut, blank mats give you the ability to cut an opening of any size allowing you complete freedom to create a border of any dimension or shape while framing. These can also be used as a backer boards. The solid, white core presents the premium aesthetics of a clean, white beveled edge if you wish. Use these 4-ply, 1/16" thick mats as frame-backing to replace damaged, or worn backing. These mats are suitable for any of your custom framing needs and are available in bulk quantity with discounted pricing.