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The Best Pre Cut Mat Board for Your Prints

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As a printmaker, you spend countless hours in your studio, perfecting your techniques and colors, producing the prints that you want. Whether you're a relief or intaglio printer, you want your finished pieces to be displayed appropriately. Finding the perfect pre cut mat board might seem like a challenge, but Matboard Plus has several options from which you can choose. We have mats that are ideal for exhibition, as well as those that work for archiving and keeping your work in pristine condition  for years to come.

The mat board you choose will serve two primary purposes: 

  1. It will separate the print from the glass of the frame, creating depth and perspective for the viewer. It also keeps the print from sticking to the glass and creating an undesired flattening effect when the piece is viewed.
  2. The width of the mat creates space for the human eye to focus on the artwork, instead of losing part of the print in the edges of the frame. The mat will draw a viewer's eye to the piece, even if they're standing on the other side of the gallery.

It's also important to pick mat board that is acid-free, and we have plenty of those options in our online store, like our high quality conservation mats. We know that you spend many hours perfecting your prints, carving and etching your plates so that the final print comes out exactly how you want. When a new series of prints is complete, you can professionally display them with pre cut mat board from Matboard Plus, bringing your current work to the public eye.

Affordable Prices for Pre Cut Mat Board

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We Offer Fast In-House Production

The world of ecommerce is always expanding, and when a person orders something online, they want their product to arrive as quickly as possible. The convenience of ordering online is reaching more and more people every year, and at Matboard Plus, we want our customers to receive their pre cut mat board as quickly as [...]

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How Should I Attach My Art to My Picture Frame Mats?

You've taken the time to select your picture frame mats or pre cut mat board, but now that you have it, you might be unsure how to safely attach your artwork to the mat without damaging either of them and keep the piece centered in the frame. Some people choose to use standard clear tape, but [...]

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It's important To Handle Pre Cut Mat Board With Care

When you're setting up an art exhibit or sale, you do everything in your power not to damage the work. It might be your work or someone else's, but no matter whose it is, damaged work can decrease in value or ultimately become unsaleable. Damaging your own work can be frustrating, but damaging someone else's [...]

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Finish Decorating Your Nursery With Pre Cut Mat Board

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Order Color Samples of Our Pre Cut Mat Board

When you're preparing for a photography or print exhibit, it's important to know what your artwork will look like under the gallery's lights. You can take your work into the exhibit space, or look at the specific lights that will be used, but until your work is matted and framed, you can't get a proper [...]

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Pick the Right Pre Cut Mat Board for Your Work

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Focus on Your Work and Leave the Mat Cutting to Us

When starting out, artists like to - or have to - cut their own mats for their work. When there are only a few pieces to frame, it makes sense to borrow a mat cutter from someone or take their work to a local frame shop to have mats prepared and cut for them. They [...]

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