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Mat Board Types

See also Economy Mats vs Standard Mats

Economy Mats
Economical, decorative mats with a light cream core available in a large range of colors suitable for most everyday matting needs. 4-ply, approx 1/16" thick. Buffered pH neutral (acid-free, non conservation).

 Recommended for:

  • Decorative framing
  • General matting needs
  • Posters and other decorative art
  • Matting open-end reproductions of photos and artwork

Standard Mats
High quality mat boards that provides the aesthetic and design benefits of a bright-white bevel. 4-ply, approx 1/16" thick, acid-free (non-conservation). Also available in:

  • Black Core - add contrast and definition of a black beveled edge. 4-ply, acid-free (non-conservation).
  • Gallery 8 Ply - extra thick mat that provides a deep bevel for added depth and solid color throughout. 8-ply, 1/8" thick, acid-free (non-conservation).
  • Premium Suede - luxurious fabric surface for a distinctive presentation. White core, 4-ply, acid-free (non-conservation).

 Recommended for:

  • Professional presentation
  • Enhanced matting requirements
  • Posters and other decorative art
  • Open-end reproductions of photos and artwork

Conservation Mats
Premium quality, 100% virgin alpha cellulose mats that are acid-free, lignin-free and meets the industry’s highest standards for conservation matting. 4-ply. Also available in:

  • Black Core - the industry’s deepest and blackest, black core mats. 4-ply.
  • Gallery 8 Ply - extra thick conservation 8-ply, 1/8" thick, solid color throughout for added richness and depth.

 Recommended for:

  • Photography
  • Fine art prints
  • Limited editions
  • Valuable documents