Mat Board Types

!! We only source the best quality materials from industry leading paper manufacturers. No generic imports.


Standard Mats

High quality, acid-free, white core, Crescent® brand mat board. These photo mats are 4 Ply (approx .050" thick). Suitable for most everyday matting and picture framing needs. Protective lifespan up to 10 years.


Also available in:

    • Standard Gallery Mats - 6 Ply (approx .090" thick) OR 8 Ply (approx .130"), solid color throughout for added richness and depth.

    • Premium Suede Mats - luxurious fabric surface for a rich distinctive presentation, white core, 4 Ply, acid-free.

 Recommended for:

    • Professional presentation

    • Prints and other decorative art

Conservation Mats

Premium quality, 100% virgin alpha-cellulose Crescent® Select brand mats that are acid-free & lignin-free. These photo mats are 4-ply (approx .055" thick). Meets the industry’s highest standards for conservation matting. Protective lifespan of many decades.


Also available in:

    • Conservation Gallery Mats - 8 Ply (approx .120" thick), solid color throughout for added richness and depth.

 Recommended for:

    • Photography & fine art prints

    • Limited editions & valuable documents