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in 3 Photo Sizes

Custom Size Openings and Custom Size Mats

Need an 'Opening Size' not listed? Easy, choose the Custom Opening option and type in what you want. Need a different 'Mat Board' size not listed? No problem, choose the next larger size mat and we'll cut it down to size for you. No extra cost for this.

Custom Opening Sizes

We will cut the opening EXACTLY as you type it in. If you type 8x10, the opening will be exactly 8x10. Please note that if your paper size or artwork is 8x10 it may fall through the opening. In this case, you would want to specify an opening of say, 7.5x9.5, to allow for a .25" overlap on all four sides of the artwork/photo. Subtract .5" from the actual photo or paper size to get this number.

Custom Outsize Dimenison Mats

To order a custom size mat, round up to next "standard" size outside dimension mat listed. Example, if you want a custom size mat of 11x15, you would select a 12x16 mat size; if you want a 17x22 mat you would select a 18x24 mat size. Simply select the larger mat size and then, during the checkout process, in the Order Instructions Box, type in which mats you wnat cut to a custom size. "18x24 mat cut to 17x22 Outside Dimension or OD". We will then cut the mat down to that size for you. No extra cost. Make sure your Opening Size is not too large for the new custom mat board size.

Product Description

Dark Green colored Slip-In Easel Mats are an inexpensive solution for framing studio or event photography. The convenient pop-out easel back allows for easy desk display, while hanging tabs let you display your framed picture on the wall. Commonly referred to as cardboard picture frames, our bevel frames are made from a sturdy, 4 ply mat board material. The window frame border features a professional bevel cut opening to hold your photograph. Sold individually (1 piece).

  • Durable, acid-free mat board frame
  • Bevel cut window opening, cream core
  • Back of slip in mat is black
  • For vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) photos
  • Pop-out easel for desk display, plus pop-out hanging tabs for wall display
  • Photo Size 4x6   | Mat Size: 5.75x7.75
  • Photo Size 5x7   | Mat Size: 8x10
  • Photo Size 8x10 | Mat Size: 10.75x13.25

Emerald Slip-In Easel Mat