Moab Desert Varnish

Cotton paper needs to be treated with care. We recommend using Desert Varnish Spray to protect your prints from the elements or mishaps.


!! Using an aerosol spray requires time, patience and a light touch.


During the whole process make sure you give the media the white glove treatment and only handle media with white cotton gloves to prevent oil from your fingers penetrating the media.


Use your test prints to see the effects of the lacquer on your image’s, because it will increase the dynamic range of your colors and densities of your blacks, but it will not change the surface of your media - Matte will remain Matte and Glossy will remain Glossy.


To start, SHAKE WELL so that the lacquer is thoroughly mixed up after sitting on the shelf.  And you should be in a well ventilated area when using any aerosol spray. This product is CFC Free.


When using a 100% Cotton Rag Digital Media such as the Entrada Rag, it is recommended you apply 3 light coats, which will yield approximately 60 A4/8.5x11 prints. You don’t want any pooling of the lacquer on the surface.  Less is more when applying the spray.


Your spray nozzle should be approximately 10-12 inches away from the image, using an overlapping spraying motion with the image secured to flat clean surface and rotating the image 90 degree’s after each repeated process.


Allow at least 15 minutes between applications and spray booth side’s of the media to prevent moisture or other contaminates from entering the media from the unprotected side.